Twitter at STC 2011 Summit

From Ben Woelk’s post, “Twitter Use at #STC11 Summit,” I’m unsure how to respond to being one of the top 10 Twitter updaters for the conference. Part of the that use may include posts from Leadership Day, which occurred Sunday before the Keynote speaker, Tim O’Reilly.

Give me a couple of days to analyze all the posts with the hash-tag #stc11 and I’ll get back to you as to how I feel about being at the top 10. 🙂

I was very pleased with the use of Twitter to connect with a lot of people at the Summit. I also believe that during the conference, attendees new to Twitter were subjected to sign up for an account and follow the #stc11 for updates and social functions. I genuinely hope that these new users continue to use Twitter for their own professional endeavors.

My favorite use for Twitter was to gather groups of people to meet up at a certain location for lunch, dinner, beer, or karaoke. That is how I met up with people and gave directions on where to meet. Sometimes the location was decided, “meet at 12:30 at Hyatt Lobby for lunch #stc11” and then people would meet up and head to lunch. Another instance was to “RT” or retweet the post and hope that enough people read the #stc11 updates on their device using Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, etc.

Like last year STC used a flatscreen TV at the registration tables showing updates on Twitter. It was really neat to see live updates. I remember one attendee told me that he looked at that screen and found out where people were meeting for lunch and found us there.

Another change I observed was people’s updates had links to photos with their perspective of the conference. I saw users post photos from their smartphones. Tomorrow I’ll add a section on photos of the Summit.

So far, I hope next year we get to use Twitter for events, notes, and maybe even prizes. I’d love to see a Twitter game be played out at STC 2012 next year.

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