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The two part-time positions that I currently work at don’t necessarily incorporate technical communication, but for some reason when I live, breathe, and speak TC, I can’t help but apply it in situations where my job description doesn’t require it.

When I’m working my regular annual job at the community college, I take notes for a specific department. I would not imagine that TC would creep into the workplace, but I use it daily. When I take notes, I write clearly for a specific audience and learning level. My other tasks while at work include ghostwriting, editing, reviewing, and public relations. I can’t help not utilizing my skills while on the job, even when they are not required for the position that I hold.

My other job is working at a worldwide non-profit. My goal while I’m working there is to help proofread their paperwork and their training materials. When attending training sessions, I couldn’t help but markup the handouts with my edits. What stood out the most were the spelling instances of than/then and ensure/insure. I’m positive that I can help my employer improve their documents so they look professional for future readers.

Besides using TC at work, I speak about my background and let others know what I do as a technical communicator. When I entered into the field of TC nearly seven years ago, I had trouble explaining what a TCer does. I believe, lately people are understanding what my profession is about and see the need for one.

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