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Blogs need visitor love sometimes and one way to show people that your blog is alive and well is to post updates to a wide variety of social networking sites. However, you can use your RSS/Atom feed to link it up with other places around the internet.

It is a tiresome practice to log onto each social network and post a URL straight to your latest post after you have published it. Unless you use an enterprise-level paid social networking suite, the individual blog posters are relegated to free or limited services.

Ben Woelk asked me a couple of months ago if I am posting my new entries on Twitter and Facebook. Currently I am advertising WriteTechie on Twitter but not Facebook yet. I’m looking at testing a  couple of services before committing to one.

The other place I advertise my blog is on LinkedIn and MySTC. I added the RSS feed into my profile and it automatically updates new posts on the bottom of each profile. These two profiles are where visitors can easily visit and read my blog.

It may be slightly dangerous to have a service automatically tweet and post blog updates on social networking sites beacuse the services rely on  RSS feeds to update. In addition, there appears to be little personalization to automatically tweet the post but it is a start to bring in new and returning readers here.

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