Three weeks using Google+

It’s been less than a month since I started using G+ (Google Plus, Google+) and I absolutely enjoy using it. I don’t automatically love it like a zombie, but it has the look and feel of the major social networking sites except that it contains unique features that are not easily found elsewhere.

I patiently waited for my G+ invite from a tech friend of mine who went to high school with me and when I jumped on board, it was a relief to find similarities and differences between the other social networking sites that I’m signed up for.

I won’t delve much into the similarities. G+ utilizes a stream, which like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, show the activities of users. It is similar to Twitter in which people who share public posts will show up on your stream and similar to Facebook which certain users can post content and have “friends” freely comment.

Google Plus Welcome Page

G+ Welcome Page

What stood out the most was Hangouts, Circles, Huddle, and the various integrations across some (and hopefully all) Google properties.  My two best friends and I engaged in Hangouts for the first time since we haven’t seen each other in year and it was a pleasant experience to hear their voices again.

Instead of the fumbles that Google Buzz and Wave experienced, G+ appears to hit the right spot and Facebook may have some head to head competition. Google has integrated parts of the G+ experience across the sites and launched mobile versions that actually work. I hope they can keep it up and make it worth using often.

Google Plus iPhone App

G+ iPhone App Version

Google Plus Mobile

G+ Mobile Version










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