Friending Co-workers on Facebook

Recently I befriended one of our student-employees at work on Facebook. Does adding a co-worker on Facebook the unraveling of professionalism in the workplace? It doesn’t have to be if you stick to keeping it professional both in the real and virtual worlds.

I debated adding this co-worker on Facebook mostly because she knows people who know me from my Alma Mater, New Mexico Tech. I wonder if it could affect my rapport with others if my co-worker knows more about me as a friend rather than a colleague. Fortunately I have been vigilant of my posts since I have past professors, professional contacts, and former bosses friended on Facebook that it isn’t the case. It still posed a new avenue in which could attract potential trouble.

As long as I am careful with what I post and selectively choose who I share information with on Facebook, it shouldn’t be a great problem to maintain a professional relationship while learning more about my co-workers. Still, it is a good idea to keep it safe with what you post on Facebook if you have co-workers on there too.

The five rules I have about Facebook is:

  1. Post what you feel comfortable posting to everyone else.
  2. Ensure your profile feels professional yet personable
  3. Avoid posting questionable materials
  4. Keep your profile true and honest (nobody likes a wolf in sheep’s clothing)
  5. Again; mom, dad, and grandma ARE on Facebook!


If you are interested to see what my favorite movies, TV shows, or daily life is about–feel free to add me, otherwise find me on LinkedIn. Be aware that Facebook is where you can find out the most about me if I were to meet you in public and  if we talked over with multiple cups of coffee and cheese danishes.

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