Bipolar Social Networking?

Are you one of those types of people who posts something positive about your life on one social network site, then thirty minutes later rant about something else on another site? Do you post something irrational on one site and something professional on another? You may have bipolar social networking skills.

Not to worry, many users do it because people use different social network sites for different purposes. Such as Twitter is great to use for blasting out rants with 140 characters or less. It may be known to users that nearly anyone can read publicly made posts and anyone has the ability to subscribe to  posts via text message unless the user changes his or her privacy settings. Facebook on the other hand is great to share pictures with, connect with friends and family, and invite people to attend events. Then there is LinkedIn, which is the professional network that showcases accomplishments, current employment status, and other professional activities.

I’m guilty of having split personalities on various networks. Is it a good thing to keep certain aspects of everyday life on different sites? I believe doing so shows how dynamic my social network is because I’m not broadcasting the same exact message five times over five different social sites. It can get boring and redundant to see the same story posted on Facebook that was originally on Google+ or Twitter. But it depends on what my social networking goals are and how large my social connections are on each site. I may use one site for more photos, one for advice, and another for my silly and sarcastic posts. It really depends on what my purpose is for posting on one site over another.

You can find, then add me on these social networking sites and compare how I use them! Please be aware that each network has its share of different online personalities.

Google + –
Facebook –
LinkedIn –
Twitter –

One thought on “Bipolar Social Networking?

  1. Tricia Unruh

    Great article. I really like your explanation regarding, what, when and why you post on different social networking sites. I believe that pages could be written on this topic. I have to admit, when I read the title I was chuckling, because I thought it was going to be about people who are actual “social network bipolar posters.” You know, the ones who post constant drama ranging in emotional extremes from 0-100? I have an immediate family member who does this rotfl. Love the blog.


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