Tribute to Jobs

This is a stray away from my normal posts, but I do have to mention that Steve Jobs did in some part influence the livelihoods of many people, including technical communicators. It is important to note that some of the technology we currently use, cherish, and survive upon was built upon the genius of this forward-thinking visionary.

Without his crafty ingenuity, cult culture, sleek ideas, and a mantra for clean designs, we may not have an electronic and media environment that we have today. For example his NeXT machine was used by Tim Berners-Lee to create the internet; his valiant efforts saved a software company that turned into a major animation studio; his all-in-one machines introduced color and design to the pasty-white and plain boxed business machines that ran the corporate world; his portable music devices changed how people listened to and purchased music by the masses; his line of phones that set the mobile industry on fire; and his tablet devices have moved us away from the desktop and portable computer.

Jobs’ contribution is immense considering that he is an icon of popular culture renowned worldwide. How many geeks can claim that title?┬áBesides bolstering the electronics, software, and media industries, he shared many great ideas with the rest of the world that as a result we are better off with.

Thank you for the wonderful machines that have your logo emblazoned on that millions use daily, they serve as a reminder of the innovative American spirit.

Steve Jobs - 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, 1955-2011

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