Five Reasons Why I Should Guest Blog at LavaCon

I’m posting a blurb here at WriteTechie because I would love to attend LavaCon 2011. There is so much knowledge that I can learn and share with the rest of my colleagues at the conference and on the TechWhirl site. Part of effort would be to win the contest sponsored by TechWhirl so I could live blog from the conference. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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“Five Reasons Why You Should Send Me On The Road To LavaCon Contest

  1. I am easy to talk to and have an established network to draw on for attendee interviews and commentary.
  2. LavaCon will be a valuable experience for a relatively recent grad struggling to gain content development experience.
  3. My interests include social networking, content management, and education.
  4. I have an awesome TechComm blog ( ).
  5. I post frequently on Facebook, Google+, Twitter ( @rogerrenteria ) and LinkedIn

Also, I would love the honor of being a live blogger for TechWhirl.”

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