LavaCon 2011 Coverage

I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to attend LavaCon 2011 in Austin, TX and I also have a unique position of covering the conference from the perspective of a new professional in the field of technical communication. Currently there is so much that this conference offers that I will have various topics to write about long after the presentations are over.

Here is a brief overview of what I will cover at LavaCon for the great folks at

  • Presenter interviews
  • Summaries of presentations attended with key points
  • Feature article from the perspective of a new technical communicator

I also will post live on Twitter from the event. If you read my Twitter stream, you can see where I will be at for the most part. You might find yourself famous through my blogging! You can also find me via Facebook and Google+. Some content will be cross-posted on those sites too.

In addition, most of my blog posts here at LavaCon will reference directly to TechWhirl. While I am at the conference, my interviews, summaries, and feature articles will be published on their site, however I will have a quick summary with a reference link. For the next six days, I will post related information about the LavaCon conference, such as the BBQ Crawl, after-session events, and my personal thoughts.

My conference writing headquarters will be at The Hideout Theater – Coffeeshop at 617 Congress Ave, Austin TX. It is a wonderful little coffee house that stays open late downtown.

The Hideout Theater Coffeeshop

The Hideout Theater Coffeeshop in Austin, TX

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