Social Media Overload?

Are we at the point where we are constantly connected to new social media networks that we are slowly shunning these places due to a lack of interest? I had an interesting discussion with a good friend of mine, offline of course, in which we shared some feelings for why we are not posting as much as we used to. This list is not much of a surprise but a reflection of what is truly occurring. Is this a true phenomenon?

Social Media Overload

Are we overloaded with social media?

Reasons why we have social media fatigue

  1. Too many social network sites to look at in a day or week
  2. Lack of quality content posted online
  3. Content is overwhelming or too much is being posted at once
  4. Conflicts with friends and acquaintances

If there is social media fatigue, how can we mediate this issue? There are solutions that we can practice to alleviate the overload. The alternative is to shut down your computer and read a book. That alternative is not as feasible as we might think when this world is highly connected to the internet.

Solutions to alleviate social media fatigue

  1. Consolidate to a handful of social networking sites
  2. Organize your social feeds so you receive relevant information instead of junk
  3. Use a program that organizes social media sites in one place
  4. Post meaningful comments and updates that others appreciate
Social Media Overload

Ways to alleviate social media overload

While these solutions are general ideas, below are some examples of what I practice in order to avoid overloading my social media experience.

  1. Automate my blog updates using Hootsuite and a Facebook Application to post on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Trim down my list of followers on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter so I see relevant information.
  3. Unsubscribe from updates to be sent to via email and phone
  4. Link WriteTechie RSS feeds and Twitter updates inside of LinkedIn.

There is no silver bullet to alleviate social media overload. With a few simple steps, we can clean up our online social life. It may not be possible to permanently avoid social media because it is becoming an integral part of how we communicate with the world. What we have to realize is if we are tired of social media, we need to find a method for how we can participate in a healthy and positive manner.

What are your tips and methods for reducing your social media overload?

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