New LavaCon Article on TechWhirl

I have added another article about LavaCon 2011 on the TechWhirl Online Magazine.┬áPlease check out my new session summary titled, “Lightning Talks – Multiple Speakers.”

In this article, I mentioned six speakers who each presented a lightning talk about an important topic of interest related to the field of technical communication. A lightning talk is a brief 10 minute presentation along with question and answers. Lightning talks are meant to be short, thoughtful, and sharp.

The following is a list of presenters and their topics at the Lightning Talks during LavaCon.

  • Richard Hamilton spoke about XML and Wikis
  • Alan Houser explained why it is an important time to be a technical communicator
  • Ben Woelk shared the top ten practices to shockproof social media
  • Robert Armstrong talked about the Art of the Demo and how to present a demo
  • Brenda Huettner covered how NASA approaches social media
  • Hilary Hart spoke about the importance and benefits of the Technical Communication Certification program.

Lightning Talks – Multiple Speakers” is featured on the TechWhirl┬ásite alongside other session summaries I have posted about LavaCon 2011.

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