Google+ Button Upgrade

Google Plus +1 button (old)

Farewell quad-color G+ button, we hardly knew you and we may forget about you.

Say goodbye to the quad-color G+ button. We loved you, but Google migrated to the new red +1 button today.

One week ago, the folks at Google Plus announced the change on their Plus One Developers blog. What this means is G+ is moving forward and not looking back. It appears that almost instantly the new +1 button appeared everywhere around the internet–including here.

According to the Google+ Page, there were mixed reaction about the new change, but it appears that the change makes it identifiable when compared to other share buttons that are next to each other.

Share Buttons

New G+ share button alongside Twitter and Facebook

This new change also keeps the logos consistent with the G+ favicon and G+ badges. This update is probably the most likely reason why they chose to change the +1 button. What do you think? Do you like it or dislike it?

Have you noticed the change? Need to freshen up your +1 button and badge collection? G+ has you covered.


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