Snopes and Google Are Your BFFs to Fight Zombie Hoaxes

Did you ever hear about how the U.S. Mint was changing their coins? What about getting severely sick because of dirty soda can? Worried that Facebook will force you to pay a subscription to use? Even a wild and outlandish story caught a U.S. Senator off-guard.

Russian Coca-Cola

Let’s find out how fast we can make a hoax that Russian Coca-Cola will replace American Coke in 2014… 

Don’t worry, your coins will stay the same. Soda cans are clean and safe. Facebook is still free. Also, smart U.S. Senators use Google or some kind of search engine.

But why are these hoaxes spreading around like wildfire on the Internet? These stories used to be in the form of chain emails and that was definitely annoying. Now I see these same hoaxes crop up on my Facebook feed. Why are these hoax zombies coming back? I wish I could answer that question.

I read a lot online and when I think something looks like a chain email or hoax post, it most likely is. At that point, I Google keywords + snopes. Usually I find Snopes at the top of the search results and find out it was indeed a hoax. If not, it could be a made up story from elsewhere like America’s Finest News Source: The Onion  Unbelievable, right?


Your friends will love you forever if you don’t post hoaxes online. Surely, Philadelphia will appreciate the zombie-free zone too.

Lately, I have gone on a bit of a crusade to break these chain mails and chain posts and prove people should search for them online. I kindly reply or post a link to a website proving its a hoax or something made up.

Please, avoid posting hoax material on social networks. You will be forever thank yourself and be thanked by countless friends who really don’t care for hoaxes. Great Facebook friends should stop other friends who continue this perpetual madness. Also, by not posting this junk online makes you a better contributor to the social media scene. We don’t want to see zombie hoaxes out in the wild any more.

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