STC 2013 Summit Wrap-Up

Did you miss my progression presentations? Or did you lose my handout that I gave you? Not to worry! I have you covered. I’ll give you a second chance to keep a copy and share it with everyone else!

STC 2013 Leadership Day Progressions

STC 2013 Leadership Day Progressions (Photo: Rick Lippincott)

For those who were unable to make it to either Leadership Day or the Professional Development progressions at the STC 60th Annual Summit, you missed out! Not to worry, you can find my slides and handouts on my SlideShare page.

Leadership Day: Social Media, Websites, Wikis, and Email



Related material for websites: Evolution of a Website Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Professional Development Progression: Carpe Opportunitas! Seize the “Professional Development” Opportunity.



Leadership Day was awesome!

I really enjoyed presenting this year, it was a lot of fun. I especially liked working with Viqui Dill on the Leadership Day progression. If you are a STC community leader and need help with websites, such as WordPress, I can assist you with setting up the basics to get you started. If you know of anyone who needs help with a basic WordPress site, I can assist with my professional services as well. I highly recommend spending the extra $20 to attend Leadership Day if you are a leader of a community. You definitely get your money’s worth in coffee, tea, and valuable knowledge that you can take home to improve your group!

More coverage of STC Leadership Day on Lanyrd.

For more coverage of STC, check out

I look forward to seeing everyone soon, whether it will be later this year at LavaCon or STC 2014 in Phoenix.

One thought on “STC 2013 Summit Wrap-Up

  1. Viqui Dill

    Roger – I enjoyed seeing the slides of your Carpe Opportunitas! slides immensely. I had a conflict during that time and am really glad that you shared these great tips.

    And I especially enjoyed working on your team at Leadership Day. I heard your story several times and each time, you taught me something important.

    I’ll be your minion any time. – Viqui Dill


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