Summer Break

Hi everyone, I took a summer break from my website and blog to focus on enjoying the summer and free time. Now it’s close to winter and I’d like to share with everyone what I have been up to since then.


After returning from the STC 2013 Summit, my office moved to my house. This was the start of full-time teleworking.


The weather was brutal outside with temperatures rising to 105-degrees Fahrenheit. My plants loved it, only if they survived the dry heat.


At the end of July, my friend and I relaunched Many know that I love blues music and dance to blues. We reworked the layout, design, and added new features.


Roasted outside and enjoyed the peak of summer.


Traveled to Dallas with dance friends and visited long-time friends in Minneapolis. Went to Denver, Paonia, and Carbondale, CO for camping with a bunch of dance friends.


Attended LavaCon Conference on Content Strategy in Portland, OR. Currently assisting to define a unified content strategy.


Presented a webinar for the STC Community Affairs Committee on upgrading websites and communication systems. Planning to travel to Portland, OR with dance friends.

I will have blog posts soon on social media, websites, technical documentation, and more.

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