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Ever heard of Google Helpouts? Most likely you may have heard of Google Hangouts if you use Google+. Helpouts is the professional sibling of Hangouts, which experts in anything can share their knowledge for free or for a price. Depending on what you need help in, you can schedule a session for advice on medicine, science, technology, writing, and much more.

Screen shot of Roger's Helpouts Listing

Roger’s listing on Helpouts

When Helpouts premiered in November 2013, ArsTechnica wrote a small piece about it. I felt it was neat to see that an online tech news site covered Helpouts and that I was part of this new venture. It was a wide rollout that can show how Google and everyday people can monetize face-to-face interaction.

The underlying technology of Hangouts is no different in Helpouts. For example, you can have a two-way video and audio conference with customers and service providers. All that a user needs is a webcam, microphone, and a high-speed internet connection. Additionally, tools, such as Google Drive and screen share are extremely useful. In my case, both are wonderful collaboration tools for me to review, edit, and provide feedback on documents.

Screen shot of Hangouts

Helpouts looks similar and has the same tools found in Hangouts.

Right now, my scope includes documents, but it could expand to screen sharing, remote computer service, and training. These Helpout sessions remind me of the work I once did as a Writing Tutor for the Center for Student Success at New Mexico Tech. I would consult with students about their papers for 15 or 30 minutes. Essentially, I’m doing the same but for a small fee and via the internet.

Currently, the marketplace for these services varies and I understand that people’s time and money is valuable. If you want to try Google Helpouts for my services, I would greatly appreciate the business. Google says that you will like Helpouts and offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Check out my 15 minute Helpout for documents that are 500-1000 words (1-2 pages long)  or my 30 minute Helpout for documents longer than 1000 words .

Your documents deserve better with some editing and feedback love.

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