Minor Website Updates

Websites undergo updates all the time. My website is no exception. This time, I’m experimenting with a few visual improvements.

Responsive Web Design

I noticed that a lot of websites use the entire width of the browser and adjust columns according to the width. Why waste space? I took this approach and increased the maximum width to display text. This change allows me to display larger graphics and minimize the amount of scrolling. In addition, if you prefer a smaller width for your browser, the columns and images scale down. Try it by changing the width of your browser!

CSS Visual Improvements

Going along the same lines of adjusting the columns for responsive web design, CSS is used to make these improvements possible. For example, I manually changed the maximum width in the WordPress theme to allow for a wider header image and use a Child Theme to override CSS styles present in the current theme. In addition, I updated the background color to a blue gradient.

Header Image

If I could go back to 2012, I would have made it a habit to save my website graphics. Instead, I had to go back to the source picture I own and recreate it. This time, I cleaned it up a bit and made the colors pop out a little more. Also, I had a better resolution image for branding other places, such as Facebook and Google Helpouts.

Backend Improvements

Using a shared server is also a challenge, especially when you want your website to load quickly. People do not like to wait for a website to load. W3 Total Cache is a great WordPress plugin to optimize page load time and it works amazingly!

Enjoy the minor improvements!

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