Attend the 2014 Mid-Atlantic TechComm Conference

Have you heard of the Cloud? Do you live on the Cloud? How do I get into the Cloud? Find out more!

Sunshine in the clouds

Soar into Cloud technology

I will be presenting, “Seeking Sunshine in Cloud Technology,” which will discuss how our profession can use Cloud technology to give us a competitive edge. How can we soar into the Cloud successfully without fear of being washed out and hung up to dry? I will talk about ways to plan, transition, and use Cloud technology and keep up to speed with the demands of our clients, customers, and our audience.

If you live in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, or within a few hours away of Philly, I encourage you to attend the STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter’s Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference on Saturday, March 22, 2014.

STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter

STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter

This full-day conference features an array of technical communication topics to learn from. Speakers include locally and nationally known technical communicators. Many of them have presented at other conferences, such as the STC Annual Summit and LavaCon.

I  arrive Friday afternoon in Baltimore and plan to present in Philadelphia on Saturday. Then, I will travel to New York on Sunday and return home to Albuquerque Monday afternoon. If you would like to meet, please let me know and I would be happy to visit over food, coffee, or a tourist attraction.

See you soon!

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