Six Years of Write Techie

Believe it or not, May 22, 2011 was the day I launched! It has been a wonderful journey developing this website on WordPress. My first post, Post-STC 2011 Summit, reflected on the Society for Technical Communication 2011 Annual Summit held in Sacramento, California.

I celebrated my first year anniversary with a followup post with some analytics. As customary, here’s the rundown of stats from May 2016 to April 2017.


  • Number of Sessions: 5,592
  • Unique User: 5,346
  • Page Views: 6,216

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  • United States
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  • Australia

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  • California
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  • Georgia

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Technology Changes Throughout the Years

Some of the most major changes have been under the hood with my website. For most, I moved to my third web hosting company since launching my site in 2011. Lessons learned from my first website meltdown, a site revamp and theme template refresh, and moving towards using HTTPS.

My first attempt through HTTPS was ad-hoc and not exactly a correct implementation of HTTPS. It was through CloudFlare and was a total mess with my non-HTTPS web hosting provider. In order to make the move to an HTTPS environment, I had to pony up more money to my (now former) hosting provider to allow certificates and buy my own certificate OR move to a web hosting provider that has HTTPS capability as a standard feature.

I understand that my website is my playground to test new things, make revisions, and improve my skills with web content and WordPress skills. I was a complete novice using WordPress before launching What I knew about WordPress was through the (now defunct) STC New Mexico Kachina Chapter.

Slowly I’m putting more effort into my website and I’m ready to share more about my experience I’ve had with content strategy and web content over the last couple of years. I felt there was an embargo on what I could share about my experience and I think it’s time for me to share what I’ve learned over these few years. In addition, I have a better perspective about some of the things I’ve been doing. Lastly, I think I’ve broken my “writer’s block” on writing articles for my blog because of my experience writing for my master of science courses.

Look Forward for More

In the next few months, I’ll be back to writing some rather refreshing articles about the field. I’m back with some exciting stuff I want to share. I also want to play with my new screencasting tool and make some fun documentation videos.

MSTPC - Communication Strategies for Emerging Media

Musings on Communication Strategies for Emerging Media

Last fall, I participated in the University of Wisconsin-Stout (UW-Stout) Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication (MSTPC) program class on communication strategies for emerging media.

During the class, our assignment was to write blog articles about the assigned readings and discuss with the class about our take on this field. Below are my blog posts. Feel free to read them as I make my journey to become a master in the field of technical communication.

Each of these posts I wrote has a compelling story as well as a fresh perspective on the field. My approach in this class was to write in a casual and professional mode. My intent was to write to a wide audience who would enjoy reading about technical communication, communication strategies, and emerging media. Let me know in the comments what you think and maybe point to any topic I should cover next on my own blog!

I’ll be back regularly posting about my experience with usability testing, user experience studies, and content strategy soon. There has been a lot I have been working on in the last few years that I want to share with you.