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Read a variety of articles I’ve written for other publications about technical communication. These examples showcase my interview and writing skills. Most of my earliest articles cover the LavaCon Content Strategy Conference for TechWhirl. My recent articles were made for my class in the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication program.

Communication Strategies for Emerging Media – UW-Stout ENG 745 Blog

Published: September – December 2016
These articles were assignments based on the readings during the fall 2016 term.


LavaCon Sneak Peek: Getting Jazzed about Content in New Orleans

Published: September 19, 2015
Get a sneak peek of the things to come for LavaCon 2015 in New Orleans, LA!


LavaCon Session: Neil Perlin Nerds Out on Responsive Design

Published: December 15, 2014
Summary: Session summary of Neil Perlin’s talk about Responsive Design at the 2014 LavaCon Content Strategy Conference.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/lavacon-session-neil-perlin-nerds-responsive-design/


Delighting Mobile Customers with Content for Apps, Video, and a Social Media Campaign

Published: November 4, 2014
Summary: How can you delight mobile users? Marta Rauch’s presentation at LavaCon 2014 shows us what we can do to improve the mobile experience.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/lavacon-2014-marta-rauch-delighting-mobile-customers/


Localization and translation at the Society for Technical Communication 2014 Annual Summit

Published: September 2014
Summary: Recap on the keynote speaker and presentations on localization and translation during the STC 2014 Annual Summit.
Print: September 2014, p 8.


Celebrating STC’s 60th Anniversary

Published: April 2013
Written: on behalf of the 60th Anniversary Task Force for STC Intercom
Summary: In 1953, the Society for Technical Communication was formed and a lot of the field and tools of the trade have changed since then. At the 2013 Annual Summit in Atlanta, the 60th Anniversary Task Force will be celebrating in style!
Link: http://intercom.stc.org/2013/04/celebrating-stcs-60th-anniversary/
Print: April 2013, p 24.


Online Meeting Tools and Technical Communication Teams

Published: January 16, 2013
Summary: We use a lot of collaboration and meeting technology to make our work easier and more productive. We looked a mix of known, unknown, free, and paid services out there. There might be an online meeting tool that is right for you!
Link: http://techwhirl.com/online-meeting-tools-tech-comm-teams/


Book Review: Content Strategy 101 by Sarah O’Keefe and Alan Pringle

Co-written with: Jacquie Samuels
Coordinated by:
Ryan Minaker
 November 12, 2012
Summary: Book review of “Content Strategy 101.” Jacquie and I did a “mini-crowd-sourced” review with the help and coordination by Ryan. This article is a combination of our thoughts about the target audience, structure and flow, and example case studies.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/book-review-content-strategy-101/


Tips and Tricks or Treats: A Tech Writer’s Guide to Zombie Spotting

Published: October 26, 2012
Summary: Zombies are among us… Here’s my list of tips to survive the zombiepocalypse. This Tech Writer Horror story livens up the mood as we transition from the summer and fall seasons into winter.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/tech-writers-guide-to-zombie-spotting/


Resolved: Technical Communication IS Art

Co-written with: Wanda Phillips
Published: October 22, 2012
Summary: Is technical communication art? Based on an earlier discussion that technical communication is not an art, we discussed our thoughts on why our field is art. The field of technical communication is dynamic and that all forms of art and technology converge together to create documents.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/ecosystem/technical-writing-overview/is-technical-communication-art-of-course/


Professional Development in Tech Comm: Is Distance Learning Worth It?

Published: September 5, 2012
Summary: I asked the question: Is Distance Learning Worth It? My article delves into some history of distance learning within technical communication and insight from colleagues who had varying experiences with this type of education.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/careers/education/professional-development-in-tech-comm-is-distance-learning-worth-it/


SWAG Bragging: The Best of Technical Communications Conferences

Co-written with: Lauren Hart
Published: May 7, 2012
Summary: Ever got free stuff at conferences? Lauren and I compiled some of the most awesome “stuff we all get” at technical communication conferences. Some of the best loot happen to be the simplest trinkets.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/conferences/swag-bragging-the-best-of-technical-communications-conferences/


Tips and Tricks for Technical Writers: Google Freely and Productively

Published: April 30, 2012
Summary: Tips and Tricks that I use as a technical writer for using Google to the maximum. I discuss about the various tools that I use to make sure that I can do my job easily and effectively in this current digital environment.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/tips-tricks/tips-and-tricks-for-technical-writers-google-freely-and-productively/


Evangelizing, Myth-busting and the Future of FrameMaker

Co-written with: Connie Giordano
Published: March 20, 2012
Summary: Interview with Tom Aldous, director of Business Development and Product Evangelist for Adobe’s Technical Communication Suite. Initially done as two separate interviews and merged into one entire article.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/business/interviews/evangelizing-myth-busting-and-the-future-of-framemaker/


The More Things Change…Technical Communication Insight from Neil Perlin

Published: March 5, 2012
Summary: Interview with Neil Perlin, a technical communicator who has more than thirty years of experience in the field. He discusses how content strategy and planning for the future is important for businesses.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/business/interviews/technical-communications-insight-from-neil-perlin/


Building the Business Case for Technical Communicators by Leveraging Talent, Skills and Passion

Published: January 16, 2012
Summary: Interview with Corey Ganser, from MindTouch, about the business case for technical communicators. He discusses how technical communicators must demonstrate to upper management their strategic value within a company.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/business/strategy/business-case-for-technical-communicators-talent-skills-and-passion/


LavaCon Session Summary: Lightning Talks – Multiple Speakers

Published: January 3, 2012
Summary:  Summary of lightning talk presentations at LavaCon 2011. Six presenters each had ten minutes to discuss a topic that is important in the field of technical communication.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/business/lavacon-session-summary-lightning-talks—multiple-speakers/


LavaCon Session Summary: Marta Rauch on Mobile Usability

Published: November 20, 2011
Summary: Summary of the LavaCon 2011 session discussing the seven mobile usability guidelines that technical communicators must implement now.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/ecosystem/usability/lavacon-session-summary-marta-rauch-on-seven-key-mobile-usability-guidelines-you-need-to-implement-now/


LavaCon Session Summary: Robert Rhyne Armstrong on the Perfect CMS

Published: November 17, 2011
Summary:  Summary of the LavaCon 2011 session discussing the challenges and strategies technical communicators have when choosing content management systems.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/skills/procurement/lavacon-session-summary-robert-rhyne-armstrong-on-the-perfect-cms/


LavaCon Session Summary: Corey Ganser on “Who Cares About Your Content?”

Published: November 15, 2011
Summary: Summary of the LavaCon 2011 session, discussing the importance of using resources and content strategy to reduce customer support costs while increasing customer satisfaction.
Link: http://techwhirl.com/skills/procurement/lavacon-session-summary-robert-rhyne-armstrong-on-the-perfect-cms/