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LavaCon 2011 Articles and Photos

My articles from LavaCon are slowly being posted online at TechWhirl’s LavaCon Conferences Page. I am working through plenty of typed and handwritten notes, and audio recordings. So far I have plenty of articles to write about and I believe there will be some article ideas that will come out of my attendance from this year’s LavaCon.

Currently there are two articles online at TechWhirl: Robert Rhyne Armstrong on the Perfect CMS and Corey Ganser on “Who Cares About Your Content?”. These two sessions fall into my field of interest with technical communication and content strategy. More article postings will come soon.

I have some photos of LavaCon and Austin, Texas on Flickr. You can view them on Roger’s LavaCon Flickr Set.

There are more LavaCon photos from TechWhirl’s Flickr LavaCon Group, TechWhirl’s Flickr Page, and Rachel Houghton’s LavaCon 2011 Flickr Set,

Videos of the nightlife will slowly pop up–including Karaoke.

I’ll leave you at last with a picture of Scott Abel and his panel of speakers at the Keynote Session: The New Communication Paradigm: Smart Content, Social Media and Mobile Devices.

Keynote Session: The New Communication Paradigm: Smart Content, Social Media and Mobile Devices

Scott Abel and his panel of speakers at the Keynote Session

LavaCon 2011 Coverage

I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to attend LavaCon 2011 in Austin, TX and I also have a unique position of covering the conference from the perspective of a new professional in the field of technical communication. Currently there is so much that this conference offers that I will have various topics to write about long after the presentations are over.

Here is a brief overview of what I will cover at LavaCon for the great folks at TechWhirl.com

  • Presenter interviews
  • Summaries of presentations attended with key points
  • Feature article from the perspective of a new technical communicator

I also will post live on Twitter from the event. If you read my Twitter stream, you can see where I will be at for the most part. You might find yourself famous through my blogging! You can also find me via Facebook and Google+. Some content will be cross-posted on those sites too.

In addition, most of my blog posts here at LavaCon will reference directly to TechWhirl. While I am at the conference, my interviews, summaries, and feature articles will be published on their site, however I will have a quick summary with a reference link. For the next six days, I will post related information about the LavaCon conference, such as the BBQ Crawl, after-session events, and my personal thoughts.

My conference writing headquarters will be at The Hideout Theater – Coffeeshop at 617 Congress Ave, Austin TX. It is a wonderful little coffee house that stays open late downtown.

The Hideout Theater Coffeeshop

The Hideout Theater Coffeeshop in Austin, TX

On my way to LavaCon 2011!

Hi everyone,

Here is a short update before I board my flight to Austin. It is a wonderful opportunity to write for TechWhirl.com and a great way to visit folks at the conference. To those who follow my Twitter Feed @rogerrenteria, I will be updating my progress through there, as well as Facebook and Google+.

What I post will be on the TechWhirl site.

So far, I’m waiting in an empty waiting room for my flight.

Albuquerque Sunport Waiting Area

Albuquerque Sunport Waiting Area