Is Distance Learning Worth It? New TechWhirl Article

Do you think that one day you may end up taking an online distance learning course instead of attending traditional classroom?

Is Distance Learning Worth It?

Distance learning allows you a lot of flexibility, but is it worth the time and effort?

The wonderful folks at TechWhirl published my article which I ask and answer the question: Is Distance Learning Worth It? My article delves into some history regarding distance learning in technical communication and includes insight from colleagues who have had varying experience with this method of instruction to advance their careers.

I also found a nugget of information from STC Conference Proceedings published in 1996 which defined an early version of distance learning nearly 15 years ago and how (at that time) was only the beginning.

Please check out my article on TechWhirl: Professional Development in TechComm: Is Distance Learning Worth It?

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Also, before you take your time to read my article, I wanted to let a couple of readers know my status on attending LavaCon 2012: See you in Portland!


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