November STC CAC Webinars

Earlier this month, Viqui Dill and I presented on Social Media, Websites, Wikis, Email, and more for the Society for Technical Communication Community Affairs Committee (STC CAC). This time, we were invited by Cindy Pao to present on these topics. These presentations are expanded forms of our STC 2013 Summit Leadership Day progression presentations–which limited us to split 20 minutes on these topics.

We worked on our presentations back in April–brainstorming ideas and splitting our talks. What was amazing back then was our knowledge complemented each other very well and we could cross-link our thoughts and ideas across. Also we put our research in the form of handouts to provide communities with alternatives and tips for using these new communication technologies.

Here’s our newly updated presentations:

Viqui Dill’s Presentation

Adobe Connect Presentation


Roger Renteria’s Presentation

Adobe Connect Presentation


Both presentations were fun and very informative. I’d love to present more of these webinars and progressions in the future.

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